Below are some of my Client Testimonials

By: Ramesh Seegobin,MD

Neetu, I am happy to tell you -about my experience with your service Since you have taken over the listing there has been significantly more showings!! You were professional;you looked out for our interest. You did your home work and follow up as expected.you work hard. I am impressed. Thanks

By: Hari and Jaishree

Neetu, Just wanted to drop you a big thank you note from Hari and myself on everything you did to get this house and making sure all the loose ends were taken care of. We really appreciated a fairly trouble free day after we took possession. I also want to tell you what a godsend mortgage agent was. If it wasn't you, we probably wouldn't have closed yet. Mortgage agent was really good with the exception of her communication skills and you were able to keep that going and getting the blanks filled in when she wasn't talking to us. You were very professional in every way and took care of this business no matter what it takes and that was very important to us especially by us not being there. You had provided the highest degree of professional service from our first meeting, through the process till the sale closed. We would certainly recommend you to anyone seeking skilled help. Anyway, thank you again and will look forward to working with you if we decide to do something different in the future, who knows? Thanks"

By: Glen D’Souza & Family

I would like to take this opportunity to personally Thank Neetu for all the help and advice she has given me and my family during selling and buying a house. She made the process very easy to understand and was always available for any questions we had. Having two kids can be very stressful but Neetu ensured that it was a pleasant experience for all of us. I would strongly recommend Neetu as the agent of choice for both your buying and selling needs. I am happy to always be a reference whenever needed. Thank You so much.

By: Paul Gibson

To whom it may concern. I am thoroughly happy with Neetu Arora's work in the sale of my condo and the acquisition of another residence. She has been diligent in all phases, covering all the bases which has pleased me. I would like to forward her name to anyone looking for a realtor. Sincerely,

By: MC.

I have completed five transactions with Neetu Arora and I have always been satisfied with her service and dedication to searching for what I want. Neetu is very professional; she will always make time to show new listings and will patiently wait for her clients to make a decision even when it takes numerous showings and listings to complete a transaction. In my first transaction with Neetu, she looked for potential houses that were not even advertised to get me what I was looking for. Then in my last transaction, she helped me find a temporary place to rent to bridge the gap in closing dates between the house I sold and the house I purchased; If I were to make a sixth transaction in real estate. I will use Neetu as my Realtor. Thanks for all your help Neetu.

By: D & S

When it comes to our real estate transactions, we do not have to think twice as to who we choose as a our realtor.   ?  Neetu happens to be the most knowledgeable real estate agent whom we?have come across.   So glad to make our third real estate transaction with her. She is there to help us during every step of the process and is a true professional who puts her clients' interest above her own.  ?  We would be very happy to recommend Neetu to anyone who wishes to buy or sell real estate.   

By: G.V.C.S.

Neetu keeps in touch...Always was available to us via, telephone, email even when I was out of the country. She gave sound real estate advice regarding the market in the area...and she listened to my concerns about the sale. She took a load off of my plate regarding settling my mother's estate for my family as at time of sale I was in the U.K. Prior to leaving we had many meetings as she walked me through the sale process. Highly recommend her, as personable and desirous of rendering a great service to her clients.

By: Nardia

I had to write a testimonial for you.   Thanks for your patience, your expertise and your professionalism. Being a first time home buyer can be a stressful experience however your calm demeanor and your positive attitude made this experience a good one.   Thank you for taking your time to listen and explain things and then repeat those things when necessary.   Thank you for working around my busy schedule and travelling from Toronto to Oshawa as many times as needed.   I will definitely refer you in the future and I look forward to us looking for house #2!   Best Wishes,

By: Sean and Annie

We had a great experience working with Neetu to find our new home.  She is a very good negotiator and we felt she did a great job at closing the deals on both ends. We enjoyed her positive outlook and relied upon her experience to guide us in this stressful process.  Most of all, we felt valued as clients and would not hesitate to recommend Neetu to our friends and family. Thank you Neetu!!

By: MS

Thank you Neetu for all that you have done in helping me to sell my home and also helping me find my new “forever” home. You were very professional as  well as being very personal. You took the time to get to know me, as well as my needs. I felt very calm and relaxed working with you, as you help me step by step. You were the best person to help me, you took your time to explain thing to me and give wonderful advice and very helpful tips. After working with you, I would highly recommend you to my friend and family.   Thank you for all your hard work.

By: Max & Flora

Meeting and knowing Neetu was coincidental through one of this random callings from the agent telling you about their services. I told her that my house will not be sold until two years later when the new house will be ready. She did not see this as an obstacle instead she kept the professional relationship by always available for help, advise, and suggestions throughout the renovation and upgrading time until when the house was now ready for sale and finally sold by her at an amazing price. She is patience, fast in action and response with solutions. We feel so blessed and joyed to have her as our realtor agent. Her professionalism, expertise, frankness, warmth, attentiveness and services rated top notch and unbelievably amazing throughout this period! I and my wife were very pleased with her and her office services during the staging, showings and clear discussions on the offers received, for this we can’t thank you enough but to say, you are the best!!! For your awesome effectiveness, expertise, and professionalism, I will always be glad to recommend you anytime to house buyer(s) and seller(s) as their realtor. Thank you Neetu!!!!!

By: Diane and John Lawrence, Etobicoke 

We recently decided to sell the family home of 35 years.   With that decision made, we felt overwhelmed, what do we do next, when shall we do it, how long will it take, where will we live?    We met with Neetu Arora, of Remax, who had sold homes in our area.  From the moment she walked in, like a breath of fresh air, this vibrant young woman made us feel calmer and more sure of ourselves, as she spent the next three hours walking us through the process, what to expect, assuring us, and answering all our questions, concisely, and with a great expanse of knowledge.    This continued for the next few weeks in the preparation for the sale and listing, and ultimately selling the house within a week of listing.  Neetu was always available at a moment's notice to answer our ongoing questions, continuing to assure us along the way.   She provided personal attention to our forecasted needs, providing referrals and next steps to be taken in obtaining and moving into our new home.    We have no hesitation in recommending Neetu to anyone selling their home, her knowledge of the business, marketing skills, patience and confidence are what is required to obtain a successful outcome.  

By: Ed Merrinoff

Neetu has recently sold my property and I recommend Neetu for the following reasons- 1.  She researches the value of similar properties in the area very well. 2.  Neetu quickly evaluated my property as to whether some staging would be helpful for the sale.      She took over the recommended staging responsibility and because of this my property was sold in one day. 3.  Neetu was strong and effective in dealing with the counter offer to the buyer. 4.  She is very fast in communicative responses. 5.  Neetu is very good looking!

By: Eva Duma c/o Margit Papay 

Dear Neetu,  I would just like to say thank you for handling the sale of our property with such caring, understanding, efficiency, and knowledge. It made the process so much easier than it could have been with our unusual circumstances concerning my Mom. We sold very quickly and received the price we wanted. You are the best and I will surely recommend you to everyone I know, and I already did to my friend. You are a very reliable and very nice person. Again Thank you! 

By: K and T

Hi Neetu, Here I have made the testimonial for which is our real experience working with you!!! " Our Home Buying experience with Neetu was simply outstanding. My wife and I looking to buy our first home in a very limited geographical area with constraint in the budget. Neetu worked with us on personal basis and helped us to understand what we really wanted. At one point Neetu even told us that 'You might want to buy this house, but I will not sell it to you!' Neetu is well versed with GTA area and is always available even though during the time her mom was in the hospital, but she was always there to answer our questions. When our house search seemed daunting, Neetu was the eternal optimist and reassured us that everything would work out. We simply could not have done without her. Needless to say, the entire experience and final purchase exceeded our expectations. Thank you again and wish you the best! We certainly recommend Neetu to anyone buying or selling a home!!!"